Road to Ubuntu : RTU

Install essential features in one click !

by RenZO

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Open share, one clic share or mount without password!
Need repositories to install samba debs, or direct download.
More details on this page and this page.

Download : RTU_Samba_rev3

14/06/07 : first release : samba share becomes easy...
19/07/08 : rev1 : samba mount with one clic ! powerfull.
11/07/09 : rev2 : display server and client parts.
07/07/10 : rev3 : fully working on lucid (symlinks).

09/06/12 : On Precise: Samba share is OK, but mount isn't because of setuid.

How to

Just extract, clic Install_RTU, then launch.
Choose options, and enter your pass if asked.